About us

Getter Group was founded in 1955, and is specializes in exclusive representation of leading international suppliers and operates both in Israel and abroad. The Group is composed of subsidiaries specializing in marketing, distribution, service and support for products and solutions in the fields of Computing, toys, photography, printing products, medical equipment, entertainment electronics, communications, transmission infrastructure and equipment, power transmission and control.

The company was ranked in the top 100 successful companies in Israel by Globes, Dun & Bradstreet and BDI.

Representation and international brands

Getter Group was carefully selected to represent the finest international manufactures. Over the years, the Group has acquired experience in cultivating and developing long term relations with its business partners throughout the world, and currently serves as the exclusive representative, among others, of the following leading brands: Agfa,  Lexmark ,Microsoft, Konica Minolta , Ruckus,  EPSON, Panasonic ,Hasbro, playgro, Olympus, MSA, Corning ,Canon,  Varta, fellowes , Zeiss, Zimmer Biomet and the private label Innova.
Close collaboration with our business partners enable our customers to purchase products of the highest quality, and ensures a high level or reliability and extraordinary service.

Our customers include:

Organizations and business in the hi-tech sector, banking and insurance, government ministries, army and defense industries, pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, educational institution, retail chains, food manufacturers, law offices, accountant firms, printing houses, architects, engineers and more


one of the top 100 companies in Israel


years experience



Marketing and distribution channels

Getter Group’s advanced marketing and distribution network begins in the company’s offices, continues in its sophisticated logistics center and service centers throughout the country, and spreads to company customers via a variety of channels:

  • About 2000 points of sale throughout the country, including retail chains, software companies, photography stores, DIY stores, and computer installers.
  • E-commerce channels
  • A business network composed of about 2000 dealers and value added resellers (VAR)
  • Direct sales to businesses (B2B)


Getter Group’s Service Excellence

The service and quality assurance systems in most Getter Group subsidiaries are managed in compliance with the stringent requirements of international standard ISO 9001.

In all the interfaces of Getter Group with its customers – including consultancy, sales and after sale service – the Group is committed to uncompromising service quality, availability and excellence, while meeting the professional challenges it faces. Based on this commitment, the Group’s subsidiaries provide their customers with a professional, certified and experiences teams, with high service awareness and proven experience in service provision. Our team will accompany you throughout the project, and afterwards, and will ensure that all your needs are met in full. 

Our strength

Getter Group’s subsidiaries enjoy the benefits of accumulated know-how and experience, and the powerful advantages of a large and veteran group, that includes:

  • A pool of 10,000 customers from the business sector and thousands of additional customers from the private sector
  • Sophisticated logistics headquarters
  • Synergy between the Group’s subsidiary companies
  • Stability and financial robustness stemming from strong financial backing
  • Close ties with leading suppliers worldwide

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